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Acoustics - What it is and what it isn't.
Let's begin by defining acoustics. It is generally that which manages the sound in a listening space (the room itself, and objects within the room). It is not about making sound. Acoustics is what happens to the sound after it has been produced by the speaker, to insure that the people who are supposed to hear the sound, actually get to hear it.
There are many things which make sounds : loudspeakers, musical instruments, air conditioners, people talking and moving .....
Once a sound source launches sound into the air, the acoustics of the room takes over and processes it, for better or worse, until the sound dies out.
Good room acoustics helps people to hear better what they want to hear and hear less of what they don't want to hear.
However, good acoustics can't make something sound good that basically sounds bad. The old saying is: Garbage In = Garbage Out.
If the piano is out of tune, or the soloist can't carry one, having better room acoustics won't help.
If the sound system is distorting, better acoustics won't make it sound better.
Better acoustics only means that you'll hear whatever the sound is, better. In most situations, the sound system is already just fine, the piano stays in tune and the choir sings in time. And that means the improvements you make in your room acoustics will be amply rewarded.
Reverb (reverberation), is measured as Reverb Time - RT-60, the time it takes a sound to decay 60 decibels, measured in seconds.
A room with a long reverb time might sound interesting for music, but will be bad for understanding speech.
Acoustic treatment, usually panels or spray on product, will help most problem rooms, some more than others. Large, square or round rooms will require more work than small rooms.
WRIGHT SOUND can help with acoustic treatment for your Church, Auditorium, Gymnasium etc.
Acoustic Treatment

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