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Your auditorium is often the most visible public image of your school. This is where parents go to see and hear their kids on stage, so it should look and sound its best.
->If you are shopping for a new sound system, and getting proposals for $20,000 or even more - Send Them Packing!
Great sound simply does not cost that much.
Often a simple repair or adjustment can make a huge difference:
->Recently we visited a school auditorium where they had been unhappy with the sound for some time (possibly years), but didn't know what to do. I played a test track through the system and it was immediately evident that the high frequency drivers were dead. So, all I did was replace the dead drivers (with better quality ones) and instantly the sound was improved; they were impressed.
->Another time the cause of bad sound was simply due to controls being set very poorly. All it took was a few basic adjustments and the sound was vastly improved.
->In still another case, the side seats did not sound as good as the center. Well, right there on the walls flanking the stage were the old original little column speakers, with the wires cut off. We replaced them with new speakers similar to the ones hanging in the center, and the improvement was remarkable! Now the whole auditorium has great sound.
I would hate to guess how many times we have come into a school auditorium where the original side speakers have been disconnected or removed, and a center speaker installed. Invariably they are complaining that the side seats cannot hear. We install speakers back in the side locations and instantly solve all the problems. Often simply reconnecting the old speakers along with the center ones adds the missing coverage.

We can help you too:
Just give us a call and we will come evaluate your system, give you some proposals for ways to upgrade your equipment, or make repairs or adjustments right on the spot.
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iPad mixers
->These have totally revolutionized the way we run sound in the modern world. They have made rooms full of equipment obsolete.
->YES, you can run the sound from anywhere in the room, including on the stage.
This is tremendously useful in a school, where previously you had to run to the back of the room, often in a booth resembling a closet, or have another person back there trying to do what you want. Now you can have all the control right in your hands, including playing music tracks.
->There really is no better way to do it.
->And the cost is modest, starting at $400.
->Available in 8, 12, 16, 24, and 32 channel models
Call Wright Sound today for a free demonstration in your facility using your sound system.