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Wright Sound Systems
1311 Cedar River Drive
Waverly, IA 50677

Cedar Falls Bandshell
A showplace of art and sound, this sound system features 120° high frequency horns and horn loaded mid/bass cabinets.
When I originally met with the architect, he had not thought of a permanent sound system. I don't know if he thought that a portable system would be dragged out for each event, or if the people on stage would just shout to be heard
We decided to extend the storage areas up to create towers with little gazebos on top to hold the speakers.
The original mixer was just 8 volume controls and was soon replaced with a mixer having high and low tone controls on each channel plus monitor send. Recently we have been using an iPad remote control mixer (MACKIE DL1608) which has been much more effective.

Electro Voice

Wright 15SH

Waverly Bandshell/Amphitheater
Again the designers forgot the sound. We put (4) 15" 2-way powered speakers on poles on sides of the stage area. Though normally not a choice for outdoor speakers, powered speakers were used because no suitable place for amplifiers was designed in. Time will tell if this was a wise chioce or not. 2 wireless system are permanently installed so that users need only turn on the power and they can be heard. This is adequate for the weekly band concerts and for larger events, an external mixer can be connected to the system to run more channels plus monitors.


Behringer B115D