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Church Sound
Nearly as important as the message itself, the sound reproduction in a church can mean success or failure.
In the modern world, there is really no reason why even small churches should not have great sound.
WRIGHT SOUND can help upgrade your church sound system to give you the best features and control, and still keep your budget under control as well.
Shown here are just a few of our recent projects:
Wellsburg Reformed Church
This was more of an upgrade than a full installation. The existing system consisted of 2 JBL Control 28 speakers. (8" woofer and horn tweeter) Very nice sounding speakers, but using only 2 near the front did not cover well in the back of the room. We simply added 2 more matching speakers and filled out the coverage perfectly. The original amp was a little 6 channel paging amplifier; not enough channels or power. We installed a mixer with 10 mic inputs plus 2 music inputs, a 500 watt power amplifier, a new wireless mic system, and brought this sweet little church up to date for a very modest price.

St. Gabriel Catholic Church
One of the rare occasions when we are able to install into new construction, this was a challenging project, due to the electricians not doing what they were supposed to do, so we had to run speaker wire all the way around over the ceiling and under the floor - instead of a much shorter path. The end result was still quite effective though, using our Directed Coverage series speakers, coverage angles matched the room perfectly.



Wright D-12

12" Woofer

1" HF Driver

Directed Coverage Horn

Reinbeck St John Lutheran Church
In this case, the old existing speakers were perfectly located, just outdated. We replaced them with new 8" 2-way speakers, plus added 2 more speakers in the very front corners. This gave uniform coverage over the whole room. We replaced the old Bogen paging amp from the sixties with a mixer with 10 mic inputs plus 2 music inputs, a 900 watt power amplifier, and a new wireless mic system.



Gemini RS-308

8" Woofer

1" HF Driver