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 Community R.5 speaker REVIEW

1/3 of a good idea
They were trying to create a horn loaded 12" speaker for outdoor use that had good projection.
But they missed the mark on several points:
The worst part is the horn and driver. The UC-1 driver is one of the worst I have ever seen.
   The little diaphragm is too small to be effective
   The terminals are poorly mounted and VERY fragile
   The voice coil is easily burned and ruined
   The diaphragm is not replaceable.
     *This unbelievable fact alone makes it possibly the very worst
       driver ever!
The horn mounting is primitive and flimsy
The speaker and grille screws are just screwed into the thickness of plastic.
If you ever take one apart, you will probably find the holes in plastic are stripped out!
The 12" speaker is the old Eminence that is only rated at 200 watts and low efficiency.
*Mounting the horn in front of the speaker is like talking with your hand in front of your mouth. - It blocks a lot of the sound from getting out.
(While replacing the 12" speakers I noticed 1 of the horns was dead so I took it out to see if I could upgrade the driver, with the 1 horn removed and the other 3 still working, you could not hear the difference, so I just left it out.)
The huge mounting yoke is 4 times larger than it needs to be.
They could easily have come up with a much simpler mounting system.
About the only good thing about the R.5 is the slight horn loading, which would work better if it were longer.
And "R.5" ??? Is that a terrible name or what? ".5" does that mean half? Like half of a good idea?!

Here you can see how it was blown.
And the diaphragm is glued in - NOT replaceable.
This is absolutely inexcusable!

It is held to the magnet with only 2 screws.

Crazy "orange juicer" looking phase plug.

As usual they went to a lot of work to create something completely unnecessary and stupid.

Funny little bumps in the corners push up against the front grille. Do they rattle? Probably!

Claimed to be 90° dispersion, but high frequencies are MUCH narrower than that. We measured about 20°.

Plastic flange is cracking at both screw holes.
Very flimsy design.

Horn attached to flange - very primitive.
Is that the look of sonic welded plastic?

That little curl of plastic is the result of a stripped screw hole. They expected the plastic to be strong enough to screw into. Should have used threaded metal inserts for the screws!

Here is the primitive horn mounting method.
The horn and driver are held by just 2 screws.

The horn/driver assembly and 12" speaker removed from box.
You can see the 12" is the old series Eminence.

They make quite a big deal out of their x-over and speaker protection, but this is all it is.
It is crossed over too high. Fact is: outdoors, the air is like a big sponge and soaks up the high frequencies. Anything above 12k is pretty much useless.

If they had just used the PRV D280Ti, it would have sounded better, lasted longer, cost less, and been repairable!

But I suppose we should not expect them to do something so logical.
They would rather waste time re-inventing the wheel!
In over 40 years in this business, the UC-1 driver is one of the worst I have ever seen.
In fact: the non-standard mounting and non-replaceable diaphragm make it the worst driver ever made.
Conclusion: If you are looking for some speakers to use at your football stadium, avoid these overpriced pipsqueaks. If these were $200 or $300, they would be OK, but at over $900 they are a total rip-off!
Instead, use the WRIGHT BU-15-2 "Bullet". They have a 15" instead of a 12", a MUCH better horn and driver that you can actually hear, and enough output for nearly any High School stadium you have ever seen!