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Gymnasiums have unique problems and challenges:
  • High noise levels
  • Reverberation and echoes
  • Unskilled users
Really, we just want to understand what is being said on the microphone.
But these days, we also want some exciting music too.
A gym sound system must be able to handle both speech and music.
We have done tons of gymnasiums, large and small, and we have re-done so many terrible installations, it is shocking that these schools paid premium money for the worst work I have ever seen.
  • Speakers big enough to handle music
  • Directivity enough to carry speech
  • Control at the score table so you can adjust it
  • Simple so anyone can run it
  • Music input for ANY music player
  • Wired microphone inputs
  • Optional wireless mic for convenience

We can help you too:
Just give us a call and we will come evaluate your system, give you some proposals for ways to upgrade your equipment, or make repairs or adjustments right on the spot.

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