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Wright Sound Systems
1311 Cedar River Drive
Waverly, IA 50677

Regina Catholic School, Iowa City, IA

A somewhat unique problem to solve.
They were complaining that they could not hear very well in the visitor bleachers.
Well, no surprise since none of the speakers were aimed at the visitor bleachers.
The incompetent installers apparently imagined that the sound would know where to go all by itself.
Also, all 4 speakers were directly over the concession window, so people had to shout to order a hot dog.
We spaced out the speakers and aimed them all straight across the field. This reduced the volume at the concession window and substantially increased the coverage to the visitor bleachers.

Original bad speaker placement.

At first this looks like it makes sense, but the sound is going all over the place and NOT where you want it.

New proper speaker placement.

This arrangement projects straight across to the visitor bleachers and still gives good coverage in the home bleachers and on the grass field as well.

Conclusion: The original installers did not have enough experience to understand how sound works.
They thought the sound should go here, and there, and over there too.
Actually, the near areas will hear it no matter which way the cabinets are pointing, however, to reach all the way to the vistor bleachers, they need to be pointed that way.
** Once you see and hear it, the physics become obvious.
We also installed a digital remote control mixer so the Athletic Director can adjust the sound from the bleachers or even on the field. Inside the booth is NOT the place for the controls.
* The old mixer was constantly being 'fiddled' with and was never adjusted properly.
Now it can only be changed if you have the password!

The speakers are the overpriced Community R.5. (worst name ever) They are about 1/3 of a good idea.
We replaced the original 12" speakers with Eminence Kappa 12", which improved the sound a lot.
[They claim 90° dispersion, but the actual coverage is much narrower, especially at a distance.]
The horn and driver are just about useless. The driver is far too small and not standard mounting so difficult to upgrade. (One was blown and we removed it - you could not hear the difference so we just left it out.)
And putting the horn in front of the 12" is a bad idea - it blocks a lot of the sound from getting out.
The cabinet is 16" deep, however, the horn portion is only about 8" deep, not enough to get good performance.
The mounting yoke is much bigger than it needs to be. The speaker will never need to pivot completely around.
A much simpler mounting system could be used.
A complete review of the 'Community R.5' speaker.