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Wright Sound Systems
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Complete Premium Football Stadium Sound System
for under $7,000 !

4 premium, 15" high output, high projection, high power speakers, plus a digital remote control mixer, professional power amplifier, and microphone - including installation !
If you are getting proposals for prices like $20,000.00 or more, you are being taken advantage of !
Don't fall for it. Terrific sound does not cost that much.
4 Ways To Do Stadium Sound

Speakers on press box.
The most common and most effective.
This method covers the home bleachers very well and the visitor bleachers well enough.
Simple installation makes this the most economical method.
Speakers on light poles.
Requires light poles.
Requires burying wires to each pole.
Works well if replacing old existing horn style speakers.
Speakers mounted on back of bleachers.
This method creates less spill-over into surrounding residential areas.
Good if it is important not to disturb the neighbors.
Requires more speakers, more wire, and installation time so is quite expensive.
Speakers on score board.
The worst method for the following reasons:
Very loud, so very likely to disturb the neighbors.
Very expensive because of large speakers, large amplifiers, large scale installation.
Expensive to service because speakers are hard to access.
But, the very worst problem is the time delay. With the speakers so far away, the sound comes back as an echo, which is nearly untenable for announcers, and completely useless if trying to sing such as the National Anthem.
Also useless if used with video.
In fact, if using video with sound, speakers must be located close to listeners like #2 or #3.
A Few Systems We Have Done Recently

Football Stadium:
Regina Catholic School, Iowa City, IA
More details about this installation
In this beautiful stadium we used 4 high directivity 12" speakers to project sound clear across the field.
And a digital remote control mixer that can be adjusted by the Athletic Director from anywhere in the stands.
This works far better than trying to run it from the booth where you can't hear what it sounds like outside.

Football Stadium:
Don Bosco High School, Gilbertville, IA
Using 4 15" 2-way speakers plus 2 Atlas Stadium Horns, and a 3000 watt amplifier, this system delivers concert quality sound and voice coverage at a very modest price.

Baseball Field:
Wapsie Valley High School, Fairbank, IA
2 12" 2-way speakers mounted on the backstop fence, and an 800 watt amplifier make a "rockin" baseball game.
Close up of speaker and extra heavy duty mounting bracket.