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Is it possible to "under power" a speaker ?
No! That is just as dumb as it sounds - complete nonsense.
Speakers are damaged by too much power, not too little !
This "technote" was published by JBL in the seventies, before most power amps had clip limiters, and it was describing home stereo listening, not professional concerts. Though some home listeners might be inclined to "Crank it up!" JBL was addressing high fidelity systems and completely disregarding the fact that some users will push things until something gives.
* If you are blowing speakers, it is because you are pushing them TOO HARD. I guarantee that changing to a more powerful amplifier will NOT keep them from blowing. They will blow sooner because you will just turn it up more, until something gives.
. . . . To prevent blowing speakers:
1. Turn it down (everybody else thinks it's too loud anyway)
2. Get more speakers. You are trying to get too much out of too few of them.
3. Switch to horn loaded cabinets. Especially if you are outside.
4. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a lower volume level. Most events are too loud these days.