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Wright Sound Systems
1311 Cedar River Drive
Waverly, IA 50677

B-36 List Price: $729.98

36"H x 24"W x 24"D

18" Speaker

Compact folded horn delivers great sound in a minimum size.

L-36 List Price: $897.98

36"H x 24"W x 36"D

18" Speaker

Full size folded horn delivers high impact sound while still being small enough to manage by one or two people.

Why do Folded Horns sound so much better ?

1. The shape of the horn lines up the vibrations to make a more directed pattern.
2. The small area - high velocity wave is expanded to a large area with low velocity which matches the air better.
These add to make the horn more efficient or louder.
IE: Same Speaker, Same Power = MUCH LOUDER !
Do horns really sound louder at a distance ?
No. That is a myth. But they will project farther.
If you stand near a folded horn, the axis of the horn will likely be below your ears, so the sound will "blow past" you. As you move away from the stage, the coverage pattern will widen so you will experience more of the sound.
But believe me, sound does NOT gain energy at a greater distance.
That would be like water running uphill.
Outside or in large rooms, bass horns will so much outperform direct radiator or bandpass cabinets as to make them nearly useless.
Are 18's better than 12's or 15's in Folded Horns ?
"Better" is hard to say but 18's move more air, handle more power, are more efficient, and are more common in commercial folded horns.
I have seen some interesting designs using 12's, but they are more complicated designs / harder to build, just to equal the output of an 18.
What is the best speaker to use ?
My favorite is Eminence Sigma but any speaker will sound better in a folded horn.
Do folded horns make the speaker handle more power ?
Yes - sort of . . . because the cone movement is restricted by the small back enclosure, it is "protected" against over excursion. This will prevent the damage over excursion causes. However, ANY speaker can be blown if given too much power.
Are there any drawbacks to folded horns ?
You will find that you need to upgrade your mids and highs to large horns in order to keep up. Standard speakers will pale in comparison.
Is it possible to "under power" a speaker ?
No! That is just as dumb as it sounds - complete nonsense.
Speakers are damaged by too much power, not too little !
WRIGHT kits are precision cut from Birch plywood, easy to assemble with complete instructions. Just glue & nail the parts together, sand and paint or cover with carpet, add wiring, speaker and -> Ready To Rock !!!